World Of Warships Review: A Global Phenomenon

A massively multiplayer online game produced-published by Wargaming and developed by its subsidiary Lesta Studio, World Of Warships (WOW) brings back World War II-era naval combat thrills to all types of gaming consoles.

The 12v12 fleet battles involve deadly floating weapons like carriers, cruisers, battleships, and destroyers. Its structure is of the “freemium” type thus making access to higher levels of play and additional warships difficult without financial input.

This war simulation game has a completely different feel from its predecessors, World Of Tanks and World Of Warplanes. While Tanks gave players tactical advantages via object placement and terrain, Warplanes had high-speed combat mechanics that made attacks difficult.

When it comes to WOW, the player is controlling a lumbering, floating hunk of metal with an explosive payload in vast plain waters. One needs to have a better strategy and attack rapidly to survive.

The focus is on positioning, smart team coordination, and map awareness. Each member of the team plays a vital role in showering havoc on opponents.

Communication is the key to success as the difference between a kill shot and an expensive dud is merely a few inches.

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The player has to gauge the movement as well as the distance before striking and be ready for the counter. This is where WOW really begins to come together as a team game rather than a single-player assault.

world of worship gameplay review
World of worship gameplay review

Everybody needs to chip in to sink one warship at a time with clear shots.

The three types of armaments at disposal are ship artillery, torpedoes, and aircraft. It features two gameplay options, one where players fight against other players online (PvP) and the second where players fight against AI-controlled opponents in various environments (PvE).

The arsenal consists of navies from major naval powers like the United States Navy,

the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Royal Navy (United Kingdom), the French Marine Nationale,

the Imperial German Navy, the Italian Regia Marina, and the Imperial Russian Navy.

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It also presents small navies like Commonwealth, Pan-European, Pan-Asian, and South American. Customize any ship with unique perks, modification kits, and signals as well as warship camouflages.

Talking about ship maneuver, the physics of movement depends on the type of ship the player controls. This gives games a realistic feel and makes it an exhilarating play.

For example, a cruiser may shoot once a minute and takes significant time to turn whereas destroyers are agile. The battleships are fierce and the toughest of the lot but need assistance from carriers to provide support and intel as overseers of the entire battle.

World Of Warships will keep the whole party engaged for hours as it provides unlimited fun in different dangerous scenarios.

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World Of Warships won several honors like the Excellence Award, the Best Online Tactical Shooter Award, and the Discovery Of The Show Award.

It got rated 9/10 by several major gaming news publishers and received praises for being an easy-to-play MMO that can make a wargamer out of anyone.

A must-play for gamers who love strategic warfare gameplay.

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