Words with Friends Classic: Word Puzzle Challenge

Come like The Original Word Play! Snatch your mobile device and establish you have what it takes to top your friends and family in this addictive multiplayer match. Whether you need to calm down after a long day or are looking to coach your brain, Words With Friends Classic is ideal for you!

Be confident to keep your mind quickly as you desire a wonderful move on the board.

as one word can be the diversity between victory and defeat!

Are you looking for a mode to construct your terminology by yourself? Our Solo Challenge is the reply! There is no superior way to teach your brain than against our brutal word masters.

Looking for new friends with whom to play riddle games? You can apply your crossword skills with our casual opponent matchmaking.

No matter if you participate with friends old or new. stay associated with our in-game chat, and trail your progress with unlockable stats.

Think you’re the top at word games of all your friends? Establish it by racking up points and thrashing your Weekly confront!


The rules of the game are mostly the equivalent as those of two-player Scrabble.

with a few variations such as the understanding of quality squares and the allocation and point values of some of the letters.

Players are given seven arbitrarily selected letter tiles, which are refilled until all 104 tiles have been used.

Players take turns to create words on the board or, instead of playing a word.

may also decide to change tiles with the pool of presently unused tiles or pass their turn.

Players can figure words either vertically or horizontally on the board. The player intends to make as many points as probable.

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A letter located on a DL or TL square doubles or triples the worth of that letter on all words produced using that square.

Similarly, the DW and TW squares double and triple the rate of the new word(s) using that square.

If a player utilizes all seven tiles on a single play (known as bingo in Scrabble), 35 bonus points are added – this dissimilarity with the 50 bonus points in Scrabble.

Words with Friends Classic 2

The unusual agreement of premium squares can guide scoring situations.

that would be uncommon or impossible in a characteristic Scrabble game.

For example, it is likely to place a new word that concurrently covers a triple letter score (TL) and a triple word score (TW).

or a new word that wraps a double word score (DW) and a triple word score (TW).

which would be impracticable or nearly unfeasible in a Scrabble game.

The game ends when a player plays every surface in his or her rack, and there are no enduring tiles to describe.

The game also ends if three scoreless moves (i.e., passes or tile interactions) are played in sequence unless the score is zero-zero.

After playing the final tile, the opposing player will drop all the points alike to the quantity of the remaining tiles.

This number of points will be honored to the player who played the final tile. At the end of the game, the player with the uppermost score wins.

There are different versions of Words With Friends. All versions permit players to quit their turn with the “resign” feature, pass their spin with the “pass” feature.

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exchange out one or more tiles and surrender the present turn.

with the “swap” feature or gaze up what tiles stay with the “tile bag” feature.

The “word strength” trait can be turned on or off, and facilitates players to see how sturdy their placed word is qualified to all other word combinations accessible on the current board.

In 2016, Zynga (momentarily) removed an attribute called “hindsight” which permitted a player to pay for the opening to see what the highest-scoring shifts on the board.

were after the play was finished, but has since brought it back. In count to the “hindsight” power-up, the game also proffers other power-ups known as “swap+,” “word radar,” and “word clue.

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Privacy Issues

Within October 2019, it was publicized that the slash of social game developer Zynga had cooperated with the details of 218 million Words with Friends accounts.

Details contacted contain players’ forenames, email addresses, login IDs, muddled passwords. password rearrange tokens, phone numbers, Facebook IDs, and Zynga account IDs.

The plank game

In 2012, Zynga, in combination with Hasbro, unconfined numerous substantial board game versions of Words with Friends beneath the “Hasbro Gaming” impression.

These contain a normal version, a “Luxe” version with revolving fixed tile gameboard (parallel to the deluxe editions of Scrabble), and a “To Go” travel edition.

This is one of the numerous games in the Zynga game collection to be unrestricted as physical board game descriptions. Others comprise Draw Something.

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