The Artful Escape Review: A Musical Voyage Through Space

The Artful Escape is a story-based, action, musical-laser-light-battle kind of game. Artful Escape is a single-player video game. The game is all about the self-discovery of Francis Vendetti. Want to know about the game review? Check our latest article on the Artful  Escape Review.

The Artful Escape: Platform

On  Xbox One, Linux, Xbox Series X & Series S, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems Artful Escape is available.

About The Game 

Artful Escape is a platform that emphasizes performance over precision. Incredible voice acting by Hollywood stars Headey, Jason Schwartzmann, Mark Strong, and Carl Weathers. It is published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by Beethoven and Dinosaur.

Francis Vendetti battles with the false identity of a folk singer. Francis is trying to do something that he is absolutely not. A teenage guitar player, sets out on a psychedelic, multidimensional journey to figure out his stage persona. He is a legend in the game. The game takes place in  Calypso, the small town where he has lived his whole life.

the artful escape game review

Francis meets Violetta, a girl with a rough attitude. Violetta notices something special in him and advises him to find out about Lightman’s-a store in Calypso. Lightman is a musician voiced by Carl Weather. Lightman takes Francis to a spaceship called The Lung and sweeps him up in an intergalactic journey.

In space, he travels through the various planets in space. He is closer to his original identity in space. And play the character which is very close to its identity. At one stage Francis finds himself in an alien recording studio with a producer, Stargordon.

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He offers to provide a mountainous vibration on the guitar track. At this stage, all the walls fall off and the studio is rocket-propelled into the air where every note you play is accompanied by beams of light. It’ll be the most amazing experience in the game.

The Artful Escape gameplay is simple with a bit of adventure. Playing Artful Escape is a visual and musical treat for the player. You are frequently stunned by the visual and its connection to audio makes it more stunning. Hence the art is excellent and the star of the show.

the artful escape gameplay

It is not a violent game at all, instead, its appearance is smooth with soft -edges. The environment is absolutely stunning in the game with a cozy green temperate forest and glooming alien cities. Developer Beethoven & Dinosaur have worked hard to ensure beautiful art, amazing designs, and soaring pieces.

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It’s a musical game with no tough puzzles, no platform challenges, and more about self-discovery. The Platform is quite simple and easy to play. You can also choose the dialogue options throughout the game and it doesn’t affect the gameplay.

As you clear, the level platform is no more challenging but you have to make the show an epic one. As the guitar shreds, it lights up the world around him. Stars scattered into fireworks, flora flare with light, and creatures burst to life 

In this game, you don’t have to conquer the platform, instead, you have to move forward with relative ease through a gamespace that reacts to your movements. 

Playing The Artful Escape is a blissful musical journey through space. This game is not meant for the traditional game challengers. But if you are a music lover then surely Artful Escape is an excellent option for you.

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Positive aspects 

  • Incredible visuals with breathtaking sound effects.
  • Amazing storyline and execution.
  • The outstanding voice cast and dialogue delivery

Negative aspects 

  • Easy gameplay may not be liked by traditional game players.


I would like to give you 4.5 stars for the beautiful art in the game and story. Yet it needs improvement in the gameplay. Artful Escape is a joyous musical voyage through space in an exotic environment. But if you like typical gameplay challenges then this game is not liked by you.

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