Oddmar Review

If you’re a fan of remunerated mobile games, and you don’t buy Oddmar, you are the difficulty.

If the developer Senri had any brains whatever, they would have at large this on other platforms like the button first.

and then released it on mobile perhaps one day in the far-away future.

And it’s an extremely fun action-platformer that someone who cares about mobile gaming. just wants a fun game to play has to pick this up.

It’s not an alternative. This game is an obligatory purchase for all mobile gaming aficionados.

You manage the eponymous Viking character, a self-centered little oaf who is pressed into duty when his whole village vanishes.

He’s decided on a mystical power by forest person that allows him to jump approximately by throwing down mushrooms.

but in swap over, he has to also save the great forest from evil creatures. All these objectives lead to the ultimate goal: stop every evil in your way.

and turn out to be commendable to enter Valhalla. someway, Senri administers to make their preceding game Leo’s Fortune look like a tech demo in judgment to Odd Mar. 

The quality of animation and detail present here is just astonishing. The whole world feels lively but devoid of emotion too busy.

Odd mar, the character, has so many fluid animations that go along with his dissimilar moves. not anything in this game feels like it was a half-measure, all feel alive.

It’s maybe the most impressive 2D platformer ever put on mobile, and it’s on par with those beautiful 2010s Rayman games with the excellence of their animation.

gravely, this is just unfair to other game developers. And I’m not even talking about the fully animated and voiced cut scenes, too. The developers are out of danger-no expense in making Odd mar look ideal.

The cartoon isn’t just a gimmick, here to prop up the game. Oddmar feels a bit improved to play with touch controls, with the means that Oddmar sense like he go with the player’s finger.

There’s amazing that feels like a minor cut-off when moving Oddmar with a joystick or d-pad with the game’s MFi controls. steal upward to lay down a mushroom to jump, particularly off of walls, just feels good too.

There’s not anything patently bad about the controls on controllers, but I favor playing this with touch controls!

That’s more evidence of how much good work Senri and Mobge put into creating this feel like a good game on mobile.


Oddmar isn’t all about its looks. It flings some fun platforming plan at the player. There are fun wall-jumping confront all through the game.

One enemy dish up together as a twisty ladder, but also as amazing to defeat, but it kills the body, so you have to be cautious when you kill the head.

One bonus level is particularly fun, as it trolls the player all through, but not just in ways meant to kill the player.

Bopping off of enemies to gather more coins feels fun, and the game’s coin-collection confront perfectly strikes the balance between convincing.

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the player to gather as many coins as likely without not making a single missed coin feel like the end of the world.

And if you like speedrunning, several levels have confronted to complete them as rapidly as possible.

The bosses are fun, as not all of them engage just bashing an enemy, but in its place tackling platformer challenges along with judgment is a way to hit them.

So mobile gamers, you require to reward Mobge and Senri for their crazy decision to release Oddmar on mobile.

This game is so good and so well-made, that it ought to have your purchase regardless of the state of the market that it’s in.

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But I see so many people protest about the state of mobile gaming. This is the game that you desire, it’s a fun platformer without in-app purchases that is stunning, and feels like it was made for mobile.

With the rise of free-to-play crossways gaming and the move violently to sell paid games on mobile, there might not ever be a game like this that releases on mobile-first, or they’re at least leaving to get rarer and rarer.

Buy this game right now. It values it, and perhaps if Oddmar is a hit, it’ll show that developers can put a ton of work and capital into more of these games and have it pay off.

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