New World Review: Amazon’s Rock Hard Beginning in Gaming

In this New World Review 2021, we take a dekko at on amazon’s lumberyard processor which has done a fantastic job of rendering real-time, real-world lightning, handling a large number of characters and visuals all at the same time.

New World is completely available in our real life. This colonial MMO new world storyline is simple: You are a member of a pirate ship crew that has gone out searching for a mystical island known as Aeternum which is known to be filled with treasure.

You are in the middle of a storm on an island said to be having dark energy called Corruption, and then you end up on a shore of a beach with rags on your back and you must confront deadly creatures and also with the rest of the island’s human survivors.

In simple terms, it’s MMO’s new world Pirates of Caribbean version with some high quality and fantasy elements inserted into the game. The originality of the game is perfect and it’s great that Amazon Games are taking expert advice for crafting real-world graphics and its culture.

New world Review

The drawing distance of the MMO new world has taken impressive care in terms of grass, trees and swaying in the wind, and the authentic-looking shadows on high settings. All this looks magnificent on Amazon’s Lumberyard processor.

Mostly you will kick off by creating your character however the new world has a simple sum of unique faces and hairstyles then you will choose your character’s name and then you are ready to play the game.

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It doesn’t get any more complex than that and there are no increased races or classes to choose from at the beginning of the game. If you are into liking simple things then it’s fine but if you like to customize the skin tones according to your need then it doesn’t offer you any customization.

In this new world game, you get onto an island, and you are introduced to combat and necessary quests. Do not expect anything surprising in either case. When you are speaking to an NPC who has a quest for you, you will get a long dialogue and an overview of the reward for that quest.

New World in terms of combat is not different from other slasher games; it often makes you dodge, block, and break your opponent’s defense in order to be more accurate. The Dryads which are your real enemies in the game are very dangerous, very clever, and have neat tricks when you attack them.

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They will dodge your heavy attacks and will put up a tough fight against you so be alert! This strategy of attacking and defense makes the combat level stiff for you if you are not watching your moves, attacks, dodges, and blocks properly.

New world Review

The New World Review 2021 has covered weapon skills and their abilities. You will need to adapt to these skills all by yourself like The Sword Skill or The Bow Skill or The Shield Skill.

In the game, you are left with only three special moves on your Hotbar. The ones you get to play are directly mixed with the weapons which you are holding.

The New World Review 2021 other potential focus is on the player’s economy as the game mainly revolves around the character’s crafting skills and survival instincts. Practically every item you need must be picked off from the bushes or mined off then craft at a trade skills station in town.

The new world game was released on 26th May 2020. The kicker of this game is that there are no NPC vendors. If you can’t find your item getting sold by any other player at the local trading post, which is definite to your location you will have to craft out the items all by yourself.

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New world’s economy is not a fun side, actually, if you simply dip in between the quests, it’s bloody mayhem across the haunted island.

New World Price for Standard Edition is: ₹ 1,499

New World Price for Deluxe Edition is: ₹ 1,799 


I hope this New World Review will get all your doubts clear on the questions you have regarding the game. This New World Review will be the perfect eye-opener for all the gamers out there to decide whether or not to opt for this game.

New World Rating:

According to me, I will give  6/10* to Amazon’s New World. As it has an awesome step from amazon in the gaming market but lacks in some of the aspects like slow speed of traveling and unavailability of mounts. 


  • Fun Gameplay
  • Players are not locked to choose from classes or race
  • Satisfying combat mode
  • Smooth Performance


  • Mounts are not available
  • Slow travel speed

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