Top Five Horror Video Games for Adventure Lovers

Horror stories have been absolutely incredible, whether in books, movies, or video games. We have people who just love horror stuff.

For a few of us, it is scary but they’re not counted as chill spirits. Not to mention that horror entertainer things have been sold in million dollars revenues.

Many people love horror games because they’re damn adventurous and help them rule the fear business and lead them into a fearless soul.

In this perspective, games are unique experience polisher because they teach to control the situation.

These seven horror-themed games could be your best choice if you’re a fear fighter.

1. Residents Evil III: Nemesis

Residents Evil III Nemesis
Residents Evil III Nemesis

The fame of the game is already widespread due to its eminently compatible gameplay. Now if we ever talk about horror-backed video games, we cannot put this zombie’s survival aside.

You have to say it’s pure horror and much interesting as well when evil capitalist Nemesis starts with that abhorrent T-virus that transforms the whole Raccoon city into zombies.

Let his experiment of evolving another giant nefarious monster not be separate from the point.

if you’re an expert to deal with horror, you just start playing Residents Evil III: Nemesis and do with the vast range of weaponry and attack your ugly-looking enemies till death.

Be more adventurous and interact in the super 3D world to receive your winner cup through surviving the monstrous world.

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2. Bloodborne


This is a true fear fighter game with a scary dark atmosphere ruling with the most dreadful monsters.

Some moments make the players scared out of their weird and strong creatures. Bloodborne game shows all the horrific elements being a story that is highly driven by Lovecraft.

Developed by From Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2015, this action RPG Bloodborne moves through a Hunter living in the city of Yharnam.

The city is dangerously on a devastating road while the residents are caught into an outlandish blood-borne syndrome.

You will be battling giant and horrifying demons while putting efforts into the cause of finding the epicenter of the outbreak.

Get ahead with pretty much courage to disclose all puzzling business in the city.

There is the ultimate invitation to take over the ground by playing your best with the most noxious weapons.

3. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2

The super terrible series of Silent Hill is always jammed with destructive conditions along with lots of horrific elements.

There is no corner in the entire game that seems to compromise with horror entertainer passion.

Fear business runs throughout the gameplay. Hit this destiny where imp imagination becomes reality!

Silent Hill 2 which is the second edition, stands out as dominant demonic inclusion.

The horror survival is all about facing ugly scenes while the players will play as James Sunderland roams around in the bewitched town searching for his dead wife.

she left a letter for him notifying him that she would wait for him there.

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4. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear
Layers of Fear

This psychological horror entry in 2016 is, by all means, the index item. This Bloober Team invention is all about its scary acclamation. You’re going to get totally consumed by its massively terrifying mechanic.

Feel the excitement of governing mentally disordered painters. You find him seriously working to get his magnum opus done.

experience thrills as he handles a Victorian mansion and the agitation begins with forceful secrets. Here you just go with the psychedelic horror actually one of the heaviest of all time.

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5. Manhunt


A manhunt is the must be serious horror-themed stuff in video games things. A rare round of terror and something to kick your horror love on.

How better can you escape all scary misfortunes and how effective you serve your savoir executing some brutal gang murders.

Children must avoid being with it and even be well off from it. British sensors had banned the game chiefly because of its hair-raising brutal scenes of slaughtering.

Rockstar North has created enough violent stuff that only the most daring people have it on the screen.

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