Hades Review: Roguelike Action Dungeon Crawler Game

An action-packed RPG from the makers of successful titles like Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, Hades will surely capture your attention.

The game brilliantly combines a progressing story with fast-paced combat. Deemed as one of the best rogue-lites of all time, it is an experience of a son trying to get away from his dad’s house but could not.

The dad being, ‘Hades’, lord of death. There are very few Nintendo Switch games like this, as it provides a great sense of satisfaction. 

Try to slash, shield bash, spear, bow, punch, and gun your way out of hell only to find that there is no escape.

What would you do when you realize failure is inevitable? Well, this game is all about accepting fate, dusting off, and trying again!

Hades Review

As the immortal Prince Zagreus, you’ll wield the powers and weapons of Olympus. Meet Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and more on the journey to break free.

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Grow your relationships with them and unravel the events as you learn the truth.

Built for replayability, this adventure via a vividly reimagined Greek mythological world offers new surprises each time you delve in.

Be ready for some white-knuckle action as the mechanics of the game are pretty tough to beat. They will truly put your well-practiced brawl skills to the test.

Developed and published by Supergiant Games, it is rich in presentation as well as gameplay.

The battles tend to put your heart in your mouth, as they are full of exhilarating maneuvers.

Every time an ability is granted to you by the good gods, you think that this is it, but it is hardly enough. The eagerness makes each run exciting and unique.

Intriguing conversations with whimsical characters make it all more stimulating. The art director Jen Zee has done a fine job in drawing gods and monsters.

Hades Gameplay

The high-octane music and excellent voice acting is fun as well.

Since you can’t control what’s going to happen, experimentation is mandatory and will lead to many weird but wonderful moves.

No two runs of Hades are exactly the same. The clever difficulty modifiers keep the quest interesting always as the game scrutinizes your endurance. 

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Moreover, the simplicity of the game gives it an arcade-like feel, it is there if you want it and easy to ignore if you don’t.

There are dozens of substories to get going with. The game allows the player to control their destiny in a way that feels exclusive.

The structure has lent itself brilliantly to accept new updates and roll them out without disturbing the inclusive experience.

Hades received “universal acclaim”, selling over a million copies during early access.

It won Game of the Year, Best Music, Best Writing, and Best Acting awards at the 10th Annual New York Game Awards. Several publications considered it as the finest game released in 2020.

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A must-play for gamers who like single-player RPGs. The game’s smooth combat, deep loot networks, and the mesmerizing story just make it an ideal way to spend quality time.

Fate can be cruel but Hades makes it look cliff-hanging. Every run pumps a load of adrenaline into your body. An explosive quest for new players entering the virtual world with high expectations.

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