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Which Is Better: “GTA: Vice City Remastered” Vs “Original GTA”?

The GTA programmers tried to up their Vice City by releasing Vice City Remastered but failed to meet the player expectations.

The makers for GTA thought it will be a good idea to take down the best mods of GTA 3, San Andreas, and Vice City, only to replace them with their remasters. The Grand Auto Theft: Vice City Definitive Edition has been remastered. The fans of GTA have shared their brutally honest and a few unkind opinions on the new Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered.

The character models in Vice City look worse than the original. The original art style of the game was also ditched to make it more modernized or “realistic” (which wasn’t appreciated much by the users). The Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered doesn’t have a new storyline or side story or even missions.

It’s merely a replica of the original GTA. Vice City Remastered is actually considered to be way worse off than any of its previous editions. The GTA VC Remastered is available on all gaming platforms. The PC version of the game, however, has received a lot of backlashes.

Rockstar Games, creator of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered, removed the game from their Rockstar launcher temporarily not long after its official launch. A so-called update version of the game was restored later. For a public show of goodwill, Rockstar has now allowed users to download the classic versions of Grand Auto Theft for free.

GTA VC Remastered vs Original GTA: A detailed comparison.



A major problem people have been complaining about is the rain effects. The rain effects are horribly criticized by everyone. The rain effect is basically a sheet of opaque droplets which make visibility impossible.

Water effects

The water in Vice City Remastered looks better than the water in Original. But as you drive a boat through it, the effects are surprisingly lame. The original GTA showed frothing and splashing effects while the GTA VC Remastered consists of realistic frothing effects only.

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Shooting water

One of the improvements that can be seen in Vice City Remastered is the water shooting. In Original, the water barely reacted to the bullets but in Remastered, you can actually see proper splashes, ripple effects while shooting guns in the water bodies.

Ramming objects

A realistic improvement can be seen in ramming vehicles in Vice City Remastered. In the original, the vehicle stops dead in its track when hit but in GTA VC Remastered, the vehicle slowly reacts to the hit in a more realistic and believable way.

Glass shooting

GTA Shooting
GTA Shooting

In original, when you shoot into the glass, you can see the glass shards flying around but in Vice City Remastered, the glass panes vanish into thin air with no realism whatsoever.

Car shooting

A major drawback has been seen in shooting cars similar to shooting windows. The original GTA showed the breaking of glass slowly with scattered glass pieces, shattering of windshields, or loud crackling noise. The Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered, whereas, shows no such thing. The broken glass just disappears with no sign of being there in the first place.

Blood prints

Another good thing in Vice City Remastered is its detailed blood footprints. Even though the original GTA had a feature of showing blood prints after walking through a pool of blood, the Remastered version shows comparatively precise bloody footprints.

Footprints in the sand

While the blood prints have been upgraded, sand footprints had been degraded. In the original Vice City, you can see your footprints in the sand but in Vice City Remastered, no such prints are visible. The sand does not react to your feet in the slightest.

The physics of fire hydrants

No noticeable changes have been seen in fire hydrants. In Original Vice City; when you drove your car through a hydrant, the jet of water would pass right through your car which is completely similar in the Remastered edition.

Fire effects

GTA Fire Effects
GTA Fire Effects

The Molotov thrown on the ground in Original GTA would cause a fire that would die down rapidly. In Vice City Remastered, the fire dies down slowly and leaves traces in the form of scorch marks as well.

Textures of grass

The Vice City Remastered has 3d grass that reacts to your feet whenever you walk on it. Grass in the original GTA was somewhat real but a definite visual improvement is seen in the GTA VC Remastered.

Damage by grenade

Vice City Remastered had made significant growth in grenade damage. The grenade explosions are a sight to stare at. They do more damage than the grenades in original VC. The original VC didn’t show many explosions on the surface whereas the Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered shows during and the aftermath of an explosion.

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Pointing guns at the Cops and NCPs

Pointing guns at NCPs and Cop’s is much more fun in GTA VC Remastered. The famous tradition of torturing people is made more enjoyable in Remastered as they shudder and scream while running in the opposite direction. In Original GTA, the NCPs or the cops didn’t interact with pointing guns at all. But in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered your Wanted level hikes every time you point a gun at a cop followed by you being on a hitlist for every other cop.

GTA Vice City Cars

GTA Vice City Cars
GTA Vice City Cars

The details on the GTA Vice City cars have been improved while their working had a downfall. The license plates were blurry in the original GTA which has been improved in the Remastered version. You can easily read out the license plates on the vehicles in the Vice City Remastered which are almost impossible to read in the original. The GTA Vice City cars, whereas, had a noticeable complaint of slipping unnecessary on the roads. Driving the vehicle on road feels like you’re driving it on oil which makes the whole vehicle go out of control.


The characters in Vice City Remastered are low-key ugly. They all have unnaturally thick fingers with disoriented faces that simply look creepy.

Sound effects

Even though the sound effects haven’t been re-touched or re-recorded for the Vice City Remastered version, it does not sound too bad. However, there are a few bits and places where the sound becomes too shrill or harsh and can be really annoying. The radio song list had a few changes which included the removal of all Michael Jackson songs.

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GTA: Vice City is regarded as the best game out of the GTA series but I am not sure if the same can be said about Grand Theft Auto Vice City Remastered. GTA makers tried to create a better version of GTA but forgot to add exciting elements to it. The Vice City Remastered obviously needed more work on it before its release, hence, disappointing the fans.

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