GTA Remastered- Things Refresh Our Memories Of Original Game!

How the makers are going to present GTA remastered trilogy in front of an audience is purely their lookout. GTA 3 created a benchmark for this franchise in 2003. It was a crazy moment when 3d games broke out of rooms & halls and when compared to other games; it wasn’t sci-fi or kid’s gear.

Kids those days had infinite power at their fingertips in the form of GTA 3 as in the game they could drive cars over people aimlessly unlike the media which were purely marketing it in the name of violence.

They showed that GTA took place in a zone where the world functions with you. Does GTA 3 still create that magic? It might be on the competition level of Vice City or even San Andreas to count.

Below are some memories that we all want to refresh in our minds while revisiting the franchise:

Gliding The DoDo:

Gliding The DoDo

GTA’s 3 first planes were just wow! It was like me flying an actual plane over the whole town. Suitably named as “DoDo”. It was a short-winged aircraft that had not been in the air for more than a few seconds.

For quite a few hours, I wanted the DoDo to jump over the river. Eventually landing it every time into the river. After certain unsuccessful attempts, I got frustrated and thought that GTA would be a terrible flight simulation game.

Thanks to the internet, I learned how to fly DoDo and at a later stage even fly it high enough that you can witness the whole Liberty City. Then eventually I went on to become a DoDo expert searching the liberty city all by myself.

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Flying Cars:

Flying Cars

Cheat codes were the ultimate spark back then when GTA 3 was released. By that period, the game had created a benchmark for non-gamers as to how they can cope up in open-world games.

GTA Vice City cheat codes and GTA 3 cheat codes were keeping the game’s spirit alive and Rockstar games also didn’t ban the cheats. They must have messed around with cheat codes in GTA games rather than doing the missions!

Fast forward the game and turn the cars into a flying mode in this vintage GTA mode. Also, the broad AI cheat codes let you arm every civilian, put the whole town into chaos mode and you can even turn the whole town into a survival platform.

Ride The Rhino Tank:

Ride The Rhino Tank:

GTA games are known for their biting writings. Deferential missions, and extensive open world buildings but sometimes you just want to watch the world burn. And, what could be better than riding a rhino tank all around the city shooting the whole town.

The rhino tank is an indestructible vehicle in the game which gives your character full freedom in the game to roll over cars and fight off with an entire SWAT squad of cops. Besides this, you can fire it back to speed it up.

There’s also a rhino tank mission in the game’s heart. But the fun starts when you steal one and create havoc around the whole town.

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Pizza Delivery:

Pizza Delivery

GTA designed the game in such a way that in the open world there were extreme possibilities of what you could not do, doesn’t matter if the missions were fun or not.

When on a pizza mission I would have delivered the pizza in Vice City or it may have been more fun to make Tommy ride the pizza scooter with all of his swag or even hop onto the scooter as Ray Liotta and drive the scooter at 20 miles per hr.

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It appears that Rockstar games with GTA remastered have focused first on PC and mobile ports. Some have expected Rockstar games to release GTA remastered trilogy on its 20th anniversary. But it can be dicey at some point in time.

For fans who are excited about GTA remastered trilogy release will depend on how much response the re-release is getting from the audience.
Rockstar games are completely focused on getting GTA remastered in the next-gen ports. But if all things go south and if the game rolls out then it will be a really exciting moment for the GTA fans.

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