Guardian Of The Galaxy Game Review 2021

Square Enix published marvel’s guardian of the galaxy game. This Marvel’s Guardian Of The Galaxy Game Review will cover all the aspects of the game. The relationship between the characters is what makes this game a unique one as the combat fights and design is simple.  With not having micro-transactions, no multiplayer settings, no meaty story but it is living proof that continuous, single-player games haven’t disappeared.

Marvel’s guardians of the galaxy gameplay is a great old-fashioned game with simple but entertaining combat and have a straightforward design level. When you are into the game for 18 hrs straight you are playing as Peter Quill A.K.A Star-Lord.

The main plot of the game is a cosmic comic book tale about the guardians trying to pay the debt. Learning how to keep it together as a team, and saving the galaxy- which is directly linked to Peter’s life. The outcome of the game is an incredible story which is a perfect balance of spectacle and has some heartfelt moments for all the crew of the game.

While Marvel’s guardians of the galaxy gameplay are linear, it shows you the number of dialogue choices you’re given into the game. You are handed the option of Peter’s character for responding to different conversations.

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Those important conversations might be during the important storyline or walking around chatting with your teammates; there is rarely any moment when the guardians are not talking. The dialogue choices are playing a fun role in the storyline but some can have an astonishing impact.

Guardian Of The Galaxy gameplay review

Your choice of playing adds a personal touch to Marvel’s Guardian of the galaxy gameplay. The game is not only played from Peter’s perspective and when you are in combat mode that is where you have direct control over him and on his dual pistols.

When you have to switch between another guardian’s character- instead of doing that they unlock four abilities on each which you have control and you can command on them. The character can be anybody. It could be Groot sending out his roots to bind the enemies or it could be Gamora herself dealing with a huge amount of damage from a single target.

This control gives you a variety of options and the pace at which the options are unfolded and in the unique manner in which they are controlled makes it a rewarding and manageable mission to juggle between the fights.

Meanwhile, in the guardians of the galaxy game pc version has some secrets unfolding right under your nose as Peter has got a few tricks of his own. He gets four powers of his own, one which includes activating his jet boots and flying for a certain amount of time, four different shots that have the ability to do stuff like freeze or burn bad guys.

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In the guardians of the galaxy game pc version, the combat mode is extremely fun to play with a variety of options. While giving orders to other guardians. You will hold your left trigger onto a particular enemy and the right trigger to fire lasers.

Guardian Of The Galaxy gameplay

An easy reload system can reward you with some extra damage and you can keep your attention on playing the game. In the game, your teammates have different roles like Gamora’s ability has high damage. Drax is all about stagger, Rocket has the finest AOE, and Groot can bind enemies.

Another element that keeps the combat fresh in the guardians of the galaxy game pc is the voiced dialogue in the game. The interplay between team members is entertaining and informative for the storyline to strengthen.

In the game, fights and cut scenes will make your way through varied locations which start from Nova Corp spaceships and end at the doorstep of the alien world. Just like the story, these regions also are linear with puzzles to solve and with fights in open arenas.

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You will have to command your teammates like: asking Rocket to hack the terminal. Drax to carry something huge from one place to another. All these will make the game interesting and can be counted in puzzling solving as it helps you in combining unique abilities.


I hope this Guardian Of The Galaxy Game Review 2021 will be the perfect guiding blog for you before you enter into the game. Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy game perfectly balances an action-filled adventure with some intriguing plot twists.

The game won’t set the internet on fire but it surely is a perfect example of a linear storyline and single-player game.

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