Discolored Review

Discolored is a puzzle game created by Jason Godbey and in print by Shifty Eye. You start in what I can only presume is your office. Since the establishment, you need to begin solving puzzles to set up the real puzzles.

You set up by in receipt of a viewer, a tool that’ll let you go during a painting Super Mario 64 style.

After you use the viewer, you finish up within the painting, in a lonely diner in the center of the desert.

The whole thing is silent, dark, and colorless. Not anything tells you what to do, you have to by now know what the goal of the game is.

The atmosphere makes you feel anxious. I had to double-check if Discolored was just a puzzle game, or if it had creepy elements in it.

The lack of color and sounds, mutual with a first-person standpoint, keep you waiting for some creepy moment or a monster that chases you even as you solve the puzzles.

Luckily, none of that happens. As an alternative, you get a 3D puzzle with just one environment.

This is a cool portion of the game; being just the diner and its environment feels like you’re tiresome to get out of an Escape Room. Plus point, when you progress through the game, new secret areas start to emerge. 

Yet, this made the whole game a bit short, if you by now know what to do. If you don’t know how to do it, although, it’s going to take a while. Some puzzles are hard to recognize.

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Sometimes you’ll have no clue of what to do, and you’ll go back and forth hoping to stagger across an answer.

Fortuitously, Discolored has an option to hint hotspots that you can facilitate in the settings. This feature makes your job easier, but you tranquil need to figure out what to do for yourself.

One thing that I hate about the game is how you interrelate with the objects.

This is a good thing; it directs you in the game without a definite hint. What I don’t like is how secure you require to be to the object to work.

You want to be close and have the cursor accurately on top of the object if you want to know it’s interactive.

It’s a little annoying how accurate you need to be, in particular when you don’t know if that object is really helpful. despite this, when you have all the tools you necessitate at your disposal,

it’s fun to look about for the answer to the puzzle, still if that means you have to go to the same place quite a few times.

Discolored gameplay review
Discolored gameplay review

Once you start implementation the puzzles, you feel so rewarded, even more so when you see the colors coming back to the world just about you Now, what I liked the most about Discolored is the technique it uses sound. 

As I mentioned prior, there will be times when you’ll get no sound at all in some areas. But when you get to an area with music, the atmosphere varies straight away. In its place of feeling uneasy, you’ll feel relaxed and calm by listening to some classical music.

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And the game does a great job in settle on when to play music and when to let you listen to zero but your footsteps.

The colors, one time you start getting them, are vibrant and they give you a sense of positivity significant that you’re making advancement.

Overall, Discolored is a petite, pretty game that’s worth checking out.

Despite some gameplay mechanics, Discolored is pleasurable and rewarding if you’re into puzzles games.

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Plus, the story of Discolored, if you can call it that, gives you just sufficient details to make you wonder a lot of things,

like whose generous you these jobs and what’s that evil thing doing here.

You feel like there’s more to the story than we identify with right now, and it leaves you to the desire more.

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