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In cyberpunk, players play with various types of weapons such as tech weapons, smart weapons, power weapons, cyber ware, and many more. While every weapon that the players used comes with various modifications & updates. But, the Cyberpunk 2077 iconic weapons are a top wish of every player.

The Cyberpunk 2077 iconic weapon is a special type of weapon you will find in a special location in the Night City. But, some iconic weapons are present which you have to buy from the merchants whereas some iconic weapons can be obtained by completing a certain task.

Some iconic weapons cyberpunk are also carried by the specific character. in this post, we will go through all the cyberpunk 2077 iconic weapons which you need to know.

Moving to the list of cyberpunk 2077 iconic weapons: 



Type: Tech Pistol 

Availability: Rare 

Sell price: $84 

Main job: The pickup 

Chaos is a rare type of Tech pistol which is owned by the leader of the maelstrom gang named ‘Royce’.It has the unique effect to randomize your critical hit chance, damage type, and status effect application in every reload.

You will have to exchange with him during the main job ‘The pickup’, but the only way to get this weapon is to either kill him or hunt him down at the end of the mission. Hence, Chaos is one of the iconic weapons in cyberpunk.



Type: Power pistol

Availability: Rare 

Sell price: $100 

Main job: The Heist 

Kongou is a special & rare type of power pistol, with a selling price of $100 in the Night City. It has a special power to utilize the ricochet technology even if the cyberwar is not installed in it. This gun can also Reduce, Recoil, and increased the rate of fire in it.

You can find Kongou during the main Job ‘The heist’.Kongou is on the yorinobu beside the table but, be sure to grab the iconic weapon in cyberpunk ‘Kongou’.



Type : Power SMG 

Availability : Rare/iconic 

Sell price : $238 

Side job : Sacrum Profanum

Fenrir is a rare type of power SMG, with a selling price of $238 in the Night City. It can be grabbed early on during the side job ‘ Sacrum Profanum ‘ by visiting a monk near the area in northern docks in Watson.

After helping him to save his brother you will be able to grab this iconic weapon in cyberpunk 2077 from the maelstrom gang. Fenrir deals the thermal damage with an increased chance to apply burn. It reduced the bullet spread and increases the bullet impact at the cost of higher recoil.



Type : Power Revolver 

Rarity : Iconic 

Sell price : $508 

The crash is a rare type of Power Revolver with a selling price of $508 in the Night City. Crash takes a brief time to get charged but, aims to be fully auto mode. It decreases the recoil and bullet spread and also decreases the fire rate. You can only get this iconic weapon after completing the river’s questline.



Type : Pistol 

Availability : Iconic 

Sell price : $75 

Skippy is a chatty iconic smart pistol found hidden in an alley near college St. Metro station in Heywood in the Night City. This iconic weapon didn’t have any specific power but it can scale the user’s level.



Type: Power Revolver 

Availability: Iconic/rare 

Sell price: $280

Side Job: ‘Alike supreme’ 

Archangel is said to be an angel of a weapon with a devil’s attitude. It deals with the electrical damage with a chance to apply stun and has a significantly reduced coil. You will get this iconic weapon from Kerry at the very end of the Alike Supreme side Job.





Sell price: $22

Side job: I’ll fly away 

Mod slots: 1 

The stinger is a small iconic weapon but, it is incredibly deadly, it belonged to a scorpion, a nomad of the aldecaldos clan. It deals with the Chemical damage with a moderate chance to apply poison. You can obtain a stinger after completing the I’ll fly away side job with Mitch.

After completing the job talk to mitch, he will sit upon a hill next to the grave for Scorpion. Then Mitch will you that he wants your help in fulfilling the scorpion’s final wish. After helping him, he will give you some of the scorpion’s favorite items, then the iconic weapon Stinger will appear in your inventory after doing this.



Type : Power Pistol 

Availability : uncommon 

Sell price : $25 

Side Job : The Gift 

Dying Night is one of the free iconic weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. After completing the job ‘The Rescue’, V wakes in their apartment. Now, you get tasked with a meeting with Jackie. Before you do the meeting you have to make a pitstop, you can also get this after the meeting with Jackie.

Now, take the stairs down to the lower from V’s apartment and walk through the shopping area toward the elevator and there will be a gun shop called the 2nd Amendment. And, there you will find the iconic weapon of cyberpunk 2077 named Dying Night.


Type: Power Assault Riffle 

Availability: Iconic 

Sell price: $1327

Mission: For whom the Bell tolls 

You can grab this iconic weapon of cyberpunk 2077 after completing the mission ‘For whom the Bell tolls’ you will find this iconic weapon behind the bar in the afterlife. Prejudice can fire piercing projectiles in the game.



Type : Tech Rifle 

Availability : Rare 

Sell price : $279 

Main job : Ghost Town 

Widow Maker is an iconic Tech rifle that can be grabbed after completing the mission ‘Ghost Town’.In the mission, Panam will tell you that she still wants to revenge on Nash. 

Then, you have to tell her that you will her in his mission after the mission was completed you can loot the iconic weapon Widow Maker from his body.


Make sure you read the whole blog to know about the iconic weapon in cyberpunk 2077 because it is very important to know as a player.

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