Chorus Game Review- Stunning Space Shooter

Chorus is a space combat shooter game developed by Fishlabs and published by Deep Silver. The chorus game release date is December 3, 2021. Talking about Chorus game review, it is a highly action-packed third-person space combat shooter game. The platforms it is currently available on are our PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

The main character in this game features Nara. A former cult member with a dark past in hopes of redemption from her wrongdoings. But as time progresses, as shown in the game. Instead of cleansing heretics, she starts helping them fight against the cult.

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She meets up with a “friend”–a conscious and sentient ship known as Forsaken shortened to Forsa. For too has a mission similar to Nara’s of hunting down the cult for things they did to him. But now after being left alone and abandoned by Nara for seven years. Nara will have to regain Forsa’s trust as the game progresses by doing certain missions of flying and combat.

Chorus game review

Talking about the gameplay in this Chorus game review, it is a bit different and kind of unique in its way. It deals mainly with spaceflight and shooting down enemies. A fully action-packed game, Chorus is something fresh and distinctive.

The main character, Nara, has some magical abilities called Rites. Those give her some special powers which can be used by the player in combat. The abilities are obtained as the player levels up in-game, the first ability being able to scan money and collectibles.

 As the game progresses, Chorus gameplay gets more interesting with new power unlocked and many more special abilities also getting unlocked. Talking about the Chorus game release date was December 3, 2021.

 Set up in a sci-fi and fantasy-styled surreal environment, Chorus gameplay is fluid and pleasant experience along with excellent graphics and the game having superb controls. The turns, animations, storyline, plot, and environment make this game a real good deal.

While writing this game review, I’m still astounded and in love with this game already as this is a fantastic game I have played in a while. The Chorus gameplay experience is one of a kind.

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For a good hassle-free, lag-free and best gameplay experience the best system requirements needed for this game include a memory of 8GB, an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 graphics card, and an Intel Core i3-7350K CPU.

Chorus game review

It will run on slightly lower specifications as well but it’s always better to play in the best requirement settings to experience the best gameplay.

Along with the exceptional gameplay it also has a very good soundtrack to it. It’s a truly enthralling experience that way.

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Chorus Rating:


  • Great Space Combat
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Brilliant Sound Design


  • Lengthy Narrative
  • Decent Side Missions


As per whatever I have mentioned up to now in this Chorus game review, I hope it is clear to the reader what I think of the game and what are my viewpoints on it. Here I rest my case. Now it depends on individuals to try it out for themselves and give their judgments accordingly as well. I see it as a fresh concept among the air combat games and also among the action genre games released this year.

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